on Your Xbox Using Internet Explorer

Start a Mix and connect with your mobile device to control the playlist

What is This?

This is Nokia MixParty

Making a playlist is a collaboration. Using any flavor of modern smartphone, you can influence the direction of a playlist in MixParty together with your friends.

No apps. No downloads. How you may ask? The internets. The web is evolving the way we interact with it. It.s becoming our companion, helping us do more with the internet like never before.

This is the future, it.s the Companion Web.

The Tech Behind Mix Party

MixParty was built using standards based web technologies

Check out below for more detail on how you can too.

Nokia Music APIs

The Nokia Music APIs are a collection of REST APIs that power the data behind Mix Party.


Node.js allows Mix Party to easily scale across millions of playlists.


Express is the web application framework behind Mix Party.


Redis is used for storing shared data between the player and clients.


Faye provides the messaging system for voting and notifications.


jPlayer simplifies working with HTML5 audio.